12/20 2013

Collect Yourself: What to Do When You’re Being Strung Along


As we humans have evolved, we seem to want more stuff.

So we collect. We collect things like shoes, smartphones, academic degrees, handbags, fun experiences, cars, makeup, careers…

Some people collect relationships.

And just like when we were little kids and didn’t want to get ridREAD MORE

08/1 2013

KISS Your Man’s “E-spot”

I was sitting with one of my best friends the other day (who happens to be male and also my husband), and we were discussing the topic of this blog post…

What is the best way for a woman to get a man to openREAD MORE

10/3 2011

Know Thyself: What is Personal Intimacy Anyway?


My clients often come into my office wondering how to bring greater joy into their lives. We all – myself included – are looking for ways to bring greater joy into our lives. This quest for meaning and happiness is evidenced through the multi-million-dollar self-helpREAD MORE

08/23 2011

Intimacy InterCourse: Project Relationship

20110823-113831.jpgHellllllloooooo, Designeeeeeeeerrrs!

Your challenge beginning today will be to choose all the materials you need to design a fabulous relationship!

You will incorporate these materials into your design so that the final product represents your passion, sense of style, and vision for the future. AREAD MORE

08/10 2011

Intimacy InterCourse: After “The Apology”

Here’s a scenario that plays itself out almost daily in my practice…

Couples argue.  They scream and yell and curse at each other.  Shoes have been thrown.

In front of me.

I don’t know why, but I’m comfortable with that.  (The reasons why would require an entirely separateREAD MORE

07/6 2011

The Second Coming of The Weiner Epidemic: Prophylaxis

When I first brought you “The Weiner Epidemic: Disease of Disconnect,” I was (hopefully) offering insight into the role that intimacy – or the lack thereof  – plays in the demise of relationships, often right from their inception (love that movie!).  The “Disease of Disconnect”READ MORE