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the CHOOSE project


20110905-022549.jpgCHOOSE… Intimacy.


Life. Love. Happiness. Gratitude. Enlightenment. Peace. Health. Spirituality.

CHOOSE… whatever you can dream!

YOU fill in the blank. After all, it’s your life.

I am always sharing with people how, with a shift in perspective, you can choose your life. Yes. YOU can actually create the life YOU want to live.

It matters not at all the situations that actually make up your life.

What if you – from here, forward – CHOOSE to experience your current situations from a different mindset? From a positive mindset.

Even if only for one moment out of every day.

What if everyone around the world did this at least once every day?

Even based on a simple understanding of energy and matter, consciousness would shift.

The inspiration for “the CHOOSE project” arose out of an idea that, in order for me to experience Intimacy with YOU, I have to have a relationship with you. Until now, unless you make an effort to communicate with me somehow, I am mostly here behind my screen, and you are mostly “there” (wherever “there” is). I don’t get to know you.

And I want to know you…

I want to know about your awareness and what you think about. I want to know what’s important to you.

I want us to share and spread this intimacy…

But it doesn’t stop there. I want to see how deep we can share our message.

We get so many negative messages from so many sources. Many aren’t saying no to this negativity and may be allowing it into their lives. But when you’re thinking about something positive, the negative can’t enter the same space.

Ultimately, though, “the CHOOSE project” is not only about putting our positive messages out there, but also about encouraging others to send it on. Share. Retweet. Link.

Think. Then act.

CHOOSE… Then send the message on.

CHOOSE… to start creating your ideal life. Right now.

Spread the Word.